Achieving your goal with a passion for international projects

Giulia Steen from Berlin is a graduate of the Distance and Independent Studies Center's programme Sustainable Development Cooperation. In a recent interview, she talks about her path from studying architecture to completing a Master's degree, which further strengthened her passion for international projects and cooperation.
During her studies the 30-year-old first started working for "Brot für die Welt” (“Bread for the World"). The graduate explains how the contents of her study help her in her daily work: "I can use my studies every day in my work because it gives me the opportunity to see individual measures in a political, global and historical context."
Balancing family, career and studies, Steen also manages to achieve even higher goals on an international level. Selected for a United Nations programme, she is working on an OSCE research topic on global vaccine distribution during the Covid 19 pandemic in the coming months, showing many people how rewarding it is to actively take on challenges.

Do you also have an interest in topics of international cooperation? The distance learning programme Sustainable Development Cooperation is accepting online applications until August 31st 2021.
The programme offers an introduction to the basics and concepts of sustainable development as well as various fields of action in development cooperation and relevant concepts of sustainability with economic, ecological and social science content. The distance learning programme is aimed at people who work in development cooperation, deal with sustainability strategies in the context of companies or politics or would like to qualify for this field of work on a scientific basis.